GraniteStateProgress - Santa joins effort to end the Bush Tax Cuts and increase tax fairness

Local activists will be staging event with Santa on Elm St. during Manchester Holiday Parade

Concord – Activists urging an end to Bush-era tax cuts for the nation’s highest income earners is
enlisting an unlikely figure to help lobby for their cause. He’s known by many names to children
around the world - St. Nicholas historically, Father Christmas in England and he’s even to
Basque children as Olentzero – but we usually call him simply Santa Claus. 

This Yuletide, Santa has something more important than cookies and milk on his mind. He’s
taking to the streets of Manchester urging Congress to put the middle class ahead of
millionaires and end tax breaks for the top 2%. 

Santa’s message is clear. “Time to set our priorities straight: Tax cuts for the wealthy means
fewer Pell Grants, fewer Head Starts and more kids shoved into crowded classrooms,” “Mr.
Claus” said today. “Everyone knows that I know who’s been naughty and nice and there is still
time for Republicans in Congress to take action and get into the ‘nice’ category before I have to
start handing out coal.”
WHO: Santa and his activist elves
WHERE:  In front of A Caribbean Affair on Elm, Manchester 
WHEN:  Saturday, December 1st from 2:00 to 4:00 pm in front of A Caribbean Affair on Elm, Manchester