AFPNH - What are the legislature's priorities?

First, the NH General Court will begin their 2013-2014 Legislative Session in January. In preparation for the session, members submit Legislative Service Requests (LSR) indicating bills they wish to be considered. State Rep. Jeanine Notter from Merrimack has supported our call to move the due date of property tax bills closer to town meetings and submitted an LSR to make the change.

In addition, State Rep. Peter Sullivan has submitted a bill that would establish a 1% personal income tax and State Senator Martha Fuller Clark has filed a bill to restore the UNH funding that was cut by the legislature last year.


Second, the cap-and-trade program known as RGGI continues to flounder. At the latest RGGI auction held last week, only about half the permits available were sold. You can read more about it HERE.


Third, we want to draw your attention to the efforts of two individuals working to educate NH residents on the increase in local school budgets – Gary Krupp from Merrimack and Mike McClurken from Durham. You can click on their names to learn more.


Finally, to get caught up on the legal battle over the Local Government Center and the restructuring of its HealthTrust and Property-Liability Trust risk pool programs, CLICK HERE and HERE





Corey R. Lewandowski

State Director

Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire


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