Concord, NH- The session hasn't even started yet, and the House Democrats are already giving a glimpse of what the next two years will look like under their leadership. First, two Representative-elects resigned, one ran and got elected from a district in which she does not even live yet, and now a look at a possible extreme left agenda that would change what New Hampshire stands for.

The Union Leader reported today that Delmar Burridge (D-Keene) recently proposed a bill that would give the county delegations the power to decide to implement a 1% income tax. "That is absurd," said New Hampshire Republican State Committee Chairman Wayne MacDonald. "Even if this doesn't pass, the fact is that it looks like the state is being set up  to get taxpayers used to the idea of an income tax. The state needs to live within its means without asking the citizens to pay for a tax they overwhelmingly opposed on the ballot in November." 

Not only was the bill for the county level income tax proposed, but there were also bills for increasing the tobacco tax, and increasing the boat registration fee. "This is just more of the same tax and spend agenda we're expecting to see from the Democrats," said Chairman MacDonald.