Josiah Bartlett Center - The Libertas Award, Pensions and Maggie Hassan's Budget

Our annual Libertas Dinner event was a big success this year. Universally, people found the three governors fascinating and entertaining. We got a terrific backroom look inside the inner sanctums of government. You can see above that Craig Benson was not just insightful but had Steve Merrill and John Sununu in stitches. The best part of the evening though was the opportunity to honor one of the state's great public servants, Ray Wieczorek who didn't just talk about limited government but lived it for twenty years. Follow this link to our description of Ray and his amazing career: Click here.

Pension System Funding Ratio falls to 56.1%

Unfunded Liability Climbs to 4.5 Billion

According to the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR) of the New Hampshire Retirement System, the funding ratio for the state pension system fell by 1.3 percentage points to 56.1%... Click here to keep reading.


How Maggie Hassan Will Make the Same Choices Bill O'Brien Did

Charlie's Weekly Column

Budgets always involve choices. This year’s choices are very different from the political rhetoric that has been thrown around for the last year. Far from restoring any previously made cuts, the new legislature and governor can’t afford the current budget and will have to find additional cuts not additional spending. Every policy wish competes against every other policy wish and there is money for none. Click here to keep reading.

Three Takeaways from the November Jobs Report

Unemployment falls to 7.7%, but Work Force Participation Rate Falls too.
Last week, the November job report was released, which showed that unemployment had dropped to 7.7%, the second month in a row of .2 percentage point decline. Despite fears that super storm Sandy would impact the data, the Bureau reported that data from the affected areas were within the normal ranges... Click here to keep reading.