Gerard Direct - NewsAlert: New Protocols in School Security a Must Following Sandy Hook Tragedy

To Our Readers:

Our NewsAlerts are usually focused on several key stories in the news that the mainstream media has somehow overlooked. But today's issue is different. In the aftermath of the deadly massacre in Newtown, Connecticut last week, we are devoting the entire issue to a subject that all the media is covering. Following is our commentary, calling for a dramatic change in America's approach to school security. The commentary is published in full below, and will also appear as the lead story on our website.

For the last eleven years we have been advocating an idea that many in the educational community shy away from - that what is generally called "school violence" is, in reality, something far more sinister: it is a form of domestic terrorism.  By ignoring this fact, we continue to put our children in great danger. The author has been advocating preparedness as a solution for terrorism for over twenty-five years. It is our hope that from the horror of Shady Hook will come something good and important, that the country will now begin to deal with this reality and address the issues squarely and effectively.

Please read "
New Protocols in School Security a Must Following Shady Hook" below and let us know what you think. This is about to become a national conversation, and we invite you to be a part of it. 

Over the next few days a new addition of NewsAlerts will be published, returning to the regular formula. But for today, our heads and hearts are still full of Shady Hook, and we honor those who were lost, and those who are mourning them, whose lives will never be the same.

Our prayers go out to the families of the victims in Newtown. The courage and coming together of this remarkable community should be an example to us all about what America is. The tragedy of Shady Hook is one we will long remember, but we will also remember the brave educators who died trying to save their students, and beautiful little children who were lost. The story has captured the heart of the nation, and there is much to learn from what we have witnessed.

Special mention must go to the State and Newtown Police, who ran the investigation with the utmost professionalism, honoring the grief of the mourners as well as the needs of the press, but never allowing them to interfere with the meticulous work of their difficult job.

God bless the little lost children and the brave teachers of Shady Hook. May they rest in peace.

The Editor