AFP - Important! Fiscal Cliff Update

Right now Republican Speaker John Boehner is proposing a trillion dollar plus tax increase in his “negotiations” with President Obama on a year-end budget deal.  They're going to claim a "grand bargain" where Republicans cave on taxes and Democrats give in and accept genuine spending cuts.  Sadly, they're telling the truth about tax increases but playing the same old Washington, D.C. accounting games on the spending side.


I know it's close to Christmas.  Yes, we're tired of these political games.  And absolutely, the odds are against us when you've got a Republican Speaker and a Democratic President apparently working together now on massive tax increases without any significant spending cuts.


But, we're the grassroots conservative movement.  We've got to fight. 


Take a moment now by CLICKING HERE to let your member of Congress know you expect them vote NO on any such deal.


Here are the basics of the deal:

  • $1 – 1.4 trillion in higher taxes
  • Roughly $1 trillion in spending cuts
  • Some of these reductions will come from lower Social Security benefits
  • Some from Medicare reductions, although it’s not clear where or how yet
  • What’s worse, they’re likely to triple count these cuts

My Dad once told me that sometimes in life "you've just got to hang tough and fight no matter how thingslook around you."  As usual, Dad was right.  Let's "hang tough" right now.  Please contact your member of Congress.






Tim Phillips


PS:  Here's the frustrating thing.  A lot of House Republicans think the political situation is much worse than it really is.  In an op ed in Politico today I detail why that's not the case. Take a look here --  CLICK.  Then, post it on your Facebook or email to your friends if you agree.  And of course, contact your member of Congress.


Click here to email Congress and tell them not to raise taxes, especially in a bad economy.