ALG's Daily Grind - The insincerity of the fiscal cliff negotiations

Dec. 19, 2012

Implement the Balcerowicz Plan

How Poland came back from a collapse of the government, currency with less spending, bringing an end to "too big to fail," government worker layoffs, and sound money-and why we should do it here.

Cartoon: Chasing the Dream

Politicians exploit yet another tragedy.

The insincerity of the fiscal cliff negotiations

Only in government could you create a crisis and then be relied upon to save the nation from the terrible situation you created.

The Doha wealth redistribution process moves on

No one should ever underestimate the desperation, audacity and political brilliance of those who have staked their careers, reputations, salaries and pensions on the notion that our energy use and quest for improved living standards for all humanity have somehow usurped the natural forces that have driven climate changes from time immemorial.