Political Headlines - December 20, 2012

  • Libya hearing to put Kerry in spotlight: Senator Kerry chairs a committee hearing on the fatal security failings at the US consulate in Libya. This could be a taste of what's to come if Kerry is appointed Secretary of State, as widely expected. National security reporter Bryan Bender has more.



  • Brown reverses stance on gun laws: Republican Senator Scott Brown now says he supports a federal assault weapons ban. Stephanie Ebbert and Michael Levenson report.


  • US ban may hurt Smith & Wesson: Business reporter Callum Borchers writes about how the Massachusetts gun maker could suffer financially if the assault weapons ban is revived in the US.


  • Details are a distraction in Newtown killings: The narrative that tries to explain the Newtown killings will likely change many times before the real details surface, as we learned after the Columbine massacre, which should serve as a cautionary tale, says national security columnist Juliette Kayyem.