CEI Today: Regulatory Reduction Commission, Harvard rejects oil, and investigating the EPA


The Washington Times: Federal rules cost $10,000 per employee, Cut economy-strangling regulations

After President Obama issued executive orders in 2011 directing agencies to trim a small amount of regulatory fat, the Progressive Policy Institute’s Michael Mandel issued a report proposing a bipartisan Regulatory Improvement Commission to aid the process. It would be tasked with finding obsolete or harmful regulations worthy of repeal. It then would send its recommendations to Congress, which would vote on them as a package, up or down, without amendment.

It’s a good idea, with roots going back nearly 20 years. The first formal proposal for creating such a commission was Mr. Gramm's Commission on Regulatory Relief and Rollback legislation in 1995. > View the full commentary at Washingtontimes.com


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Globalwarming.org: “Harvard Needs Remedial Energy Math” — Robert Bryce


Environmental activist Bill McKibben and his organization, 350.org, are on a ”Do the Math” tour in which they urge colleges and universities to “divest their endowments, estimated at a total of $400 billion nationwide, from the fossil fuel industry.”

About 33% of global energy comes from oil, which is indispensable to transportation. Most of those voting to Go Fossil Free probably did not walk or bike from home to Harvard. As
Steven Colbert asked McKibben, a Vermont native, during a Washington, D.C. protest rally against the Keystone XL Pipeline: How did you get down here? Did you ride your bicycle? Did you ride ox cart? ”Or do you have a vehicle that runs on hypocrisy?”  > View the full commentary at Globalwarming.org

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EPA IG to Investigate Agency Email Practices

EPA's Ins
pector General
is looking into the agency's email practices in the wake of a scandal involving agency administrator Lisa Jackson's use of private email accounts and aliases to conduct official business.

We at CEI welcome the inquiry and hope for a credible process and report, but we need to be realistic about the problem. We found out about Lisa Jackson’s false identity only because we stumbled across an obscure EPA memo that admitted the “alias” accounts had been created by former administrator Carol Browner, who ordered her hard drive and backup tapes erased and had her email accounts set on auto-delete. In other words, everything about these accounts, from their origin forward, screamed abuse, and controls were supposedly instituted. EPA promised to address all of this after a Government Accountability Office inquiry. But it has not.
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