CEI Today: Regulatory report card, wind power baloney, and Italy's insane employment laws


EPA Lacks Transparency, Is Far Costlier Than Other Agencies

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulations now cost Americans an estimated $353 billion per year—almost twice the regulatory costs of any other federal agency and greater than Denmark’s entire national GDP.

These regulatory statistics and more were revealed today in the Regulatory Report Card issued by the Competitive Enterprise Institute. The purpose of the report card is to assess the EPA’s regulatory activity and its impact on the U.S. economy.  > View the full commentary at CEI.org


> Interview Ryan Young


National Journal: PTC: Zero Climate Protection


Of all the lame arguments used to sell Americans on the proposition that wind power, an industry propped up by Soviet-style production quota in 29 states and numerous other policy privileges, deserves another renewal of the 20-year old production tax credit (PTC), the lamest is the claim that the PTC helps protect us from extreme weather.

PTC advocates talk as if Hurricane Sandy and the Midwest drought were obvious consequences of anthropogenic global warming, and that subsidizing wind energy is a cost-effective way to mitigate climate change.

They are wrong on both counts.  > View the full commentary at Nationaljournal.com

> Interview Marlo Lewis


EU Observer: Italian politics: 1970s stuck on repeat

Change is anathema to Italian politics, as a broken political culture left over from the Cold War continues to frame debate and hold down the economy.  First, there is Italy's employment law.  Article 18 of the statute of workers forbids firing an employee for performance reasons. Only cases of negligence can be grounds for dismissal.

The terminated worker can take his employer to court to either become reinstated or receive up to 14 months in severance payments - all the while keeping his employer on the hook for lost wages during the trial.

> View more on this story at EUObserver.com

> Interview Matthew Melchiorre


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