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ALG - House urged to support low-tax alternative to Boehner's Plan B

Dec. 20, 2012, Fairfax, VA— Americans for Limited Government President Bill Wilson today issued the following statement urging the House of Representatives to support an amendment to the Speaker's Plan B bill:

 "Republicans must not fall into the trap of increasing taxes and doing nothing to cut spending. The Jordan-Scalise-Mulvaney amendment to the House bill will make tax relief permanent for all Americans, averting the fiscal cliff, and address the dire state of the nation's finances through real spending reductions.

"The Senate is going to reject the so-called Plan B anyway. The House might as well give them something that actually solves the real problem—which is spending—instead of a tax increase on job creators that will wreck the economy and drive investment overseas. Even if Plan B passes the House, everyone's taxes are still going to go up at the end of the year, and Republicans will still get blamed if we go over the cliff.

"Republicans are missing an opportunity to lead the nation on real fiscal reform. There should not be a single tax increase on any American when the government will be borrowing $1 trillion every year for the rest of our lifetimes until we can no longer afford to service it. To paraphrase Ronald Reagan, conservatives and Republicans need to raise the banner of bold colors, not pale pastels."

To view online: http://netrightdaily.com/2012/12/house-urged-to-support-low-tax-alternative-to-boehners-plan-b/


Americans for Limited Government is a non-partisan, nationwide network committed to advancing free market reforms, private property rights and core American liberties. For more information on ALG please call us at 703-383-0880 or visit our website at www.GetLiberty.org.

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