ALG's Daily Grind - John Boehner's Box

Dec. 21, 2012

John Boehner's Box

Speaker Boehner could tell Obama and Reid that the debt limit will not be raised in February. He has that power, but since he has proven time and again that he is unwilling to use it, he is trapped in a box.

Cartoon: Exploiter-in-Chief

The hurricane and school massacre justify. tax hikes?!

Video: The G.O.P.'s 'Plan B' Sounds Like A White Flag To Us!

What happened to the days when the Republicans fought hard? Are they just giving up and letting the Dems do what they want?

Villain of the Week

Before the election, "Papa" John Schnatter told a business class at a Florida college that compliance with the new law might force a cut in hours, shifting some employees from full to part-time status to avoid raising pizza prices by about 14 cents each.

Gordon: Racism at the Times

"Professor Adolph Reed writes in the Times about the appointment of Rep. Tim Scott to replace the retiring Senator Jim DeMint of South Carolina. Scott, in Reed's view, is essentially an Uncle Tom because he does not agree with the politics of most black Americans."