Josiah Bartlett Center - Details, Foreclosures, and the Voting Rights Act

Much of the debate in the Legislature will devolve into predictable patterns reminiscent of the "infotainment" shows on what are generously called cable news channels: my party good, your party bad. This dynamic helps most of us tune out and ignore whatever silly thing they're up to in Concord or Washington this month... Click here to keep reading.


N.H. man tries to save Voting Rights Act in order to kill it
On one side, a group seeking to overturn an outdated section of the law is trying to keep New Hampshire from getting out from under its ridiculous restrictions. On the other, supporters want to let New Hampshire escape to make it easier to keep other states under federal jurisdiction. The whole thing is turning an already obscure legal battle into something silly. Click here to keep reading.


NH Foreclosures Fall in November
November saw New Hampshire’s foreclosure filings drop to 578. This reverses last month’s spike to 739. From the data it is not clear what caused the jump in October, but whatever the cause, it was only temporary. Click here to keep reading.