TheCanKicksBack - "Seal the Deal"

New web video encourages leaders to “Seal the Deal” on Fiscal Cliff


The Can Kicks Back today released a new web video, "Seal the Deal," which tells the story of the fiscal cliff negotiations through a college house party, as part of an ongoing effort to reach and engage young Americans on the issue of our growing national debt.
The last video from the non-partisan, Millennial-led organization featured former Senator and fiscal commission co-chair Alan Simpson dancing Gangnam Style and received over 170,000 views on YouTube.

"Seal the Deal" features Debbie Debtor and Cliff Diver at a house party in Georgetown, DC. Not unlike the situation between President Obama and Speaker Boehner, the party just keeps getting in the way of their mutual advances. They both want it to happen, but can they seal the deal in time?
The video is part of a larger initiative to encourage supporters to call their members of Congress and urge a bipartisan agreement that not only averts the fiscal cliff but also provides a down payment on the larger fiscal canyon that lies ahead.
Earlier this week, The Can Kicks Back held a media tele-conference to discuss how going over the fiscal cliff would impact young Americans. An audio recording is available.