CEI Weekly: EPA Administrator Resigns

December 28, 2012



Feature: EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson announced her resignation this week.

FEATURE: EPA Administrator Resigns


EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson announced her resignation yesterday, less than two weeks after the EPA Inspector General launched an investigation into Jackson's deceptive email practices. These practices, which include the use of an alias "Richard Windsor" email account, were exposed by CEI Senior Fellow Chris Horner, who called yesterday's news "a good first step." Read more about Jackson's announcement and CEI's reaction here.






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December 19, 2012: The EPA's Regulatory Report Card


Fellow in Regulatory Studies Ryan Young talks about the need for more transparency in the world of regulation, as well as CEI’s new EPA Regulatory Report Card. The report card, which collects data about the amount and cost of EPA regulation from numerous sources into one publicly accessible document, is something he argues that all agencies should be doing on their own each year.