Josiah Bartlett Center - Enlightened Self-Interest and the Fiscal Cliff

Enlightened Self-Interest and the Fiscal Cliff


With the end of the year and the dreaded fiscal cliff approaching, there are very few ways to make sure Washington doesn’t take more of your hard earned dollars away. The surest one I can think of is filed under the category of enlightened self-interest.
You can fight to keep your home state, the proud and free Granite State, a tiny little island of sensibility surrounded by a sea of Northeastern socialism, while at the same time annoying the tax collecting Washingtonians eager to waste more of our money on hideously ugly buildings and uglier bureaucracies they are populated within southwest Washington DC (the bureaucracies in NW DC are just as ugly but the building are actually nice).
As you know, The Josiah Bartlett Center fights every day more a limited more efficient government in New Hampshire. I think our success over the last couple years has shown what a difference one clear voice with a powerful message can make. I like to think that we are as efficient as we would like the government to become.
Did you know for example that the more than 100 op-ed pieces we placed in 2012 alone had a combined newspaper circulation of more than 4 million? Radio appearances are harder to measure but the combined listenership for all Josiah Bartlett radio interviews was probably even higher. That sort of reach is the envy of organizations with ten times our budget and staff.
Let me add to that the very interesting fact that the Bartlett Center is a section 501c3 educational foundation. As such, contributions to our important work are tax deductible.
So, my enlightened self-interest thought of the day is to ask whether you think your hard earned resources would be better used contributing to an organization advocating for balanced budgets, limited government, and individual responsibility or “contributing” to the Internal Revenue Service?
We have no endowment and no large institutional underwriters. Each year we must earn our budget from hundreds of individuals who support the work we do and share in our mission. I would be grateful if you would consider the work of the Josiah Bartlett Center as you make your end of the year charitable contributions.
You can donate securely online by clicking right here or you can send a donation via our friends at the postal service at PO Box 897, Concord, NH 03302.
2013 promises to a busy year and the fight to keep New Hampshire different from our neighbors will be waged on many fronts. I hope you will join us.
Forgive this brief commercial interruption this week. We’ll be back next week with more updates on policy and the goings on in Concord.



Charlie Arlinghaus