AFPNH - Let’s lower property taxes

First, as you know, at AFP-NH we are committed to finding ways to lower taxes, remove burdensome regulations and make government smaller and more accountable to the people. 

Most if not all NH property owners have either just paid or are preparing to pay their semi-annual property tax bill for the year.  We believe we could make local government more accountable by moving this property tax due date from December to March. This change would make the due date coincide with town meetings and would encourage a fair and productive exchange about the amount of property taxes needed to support local spending for the year.


Second, many other important issues impacting NH taxpayers will come before the legislature and the Governor-elect in the coming year. Among them will be the state budget and how to finance the new spending the Governor-elect and House would like. The options on the table could include gambling, a state income tax, as well as selling the naming rights to bridges and overpasses to raise revenues. We will continue to keep you posted as these options progress.


Third, Northern Pass officials are expected to have an announcement soon regarding a new route for their power-line project. You can read more about it HERE.


Fourth, the state Supreme Court will hear the Local Government Center’s appeal regarding the restructuring of its HealthTrust and Property-Liability Trust risk pool programs. You can read the latest HERE


Finally, NH was ranked #14 on a recent best and worst run states survey. To read more CLICK HERE.




Corey R. Lewandowski

State Director

Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire


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