NHDP - ICYMI: In Sununu Family, Apple Doesn't Fall Far From Tree

Gov. Sununu Still Embarrassing New Hampshire, While His Son Stands in the Way of Reform

CONCORD - In the Sununu family, the apple clearly doesn't fall far from the tree.  In case you missed it, in a matter days, both Gov. John H. Sununu and John E. Sununu have made Granite Staters scratch their heads and wonder just what are they thinking?

Last night, Gov. John H. Sununu continued to spread Romney campaign falsehoods, saying Democrats won by turning out voters who are dependent on government.  This, sadly, should not come as a surprise to Granite Staters who, after witnessing his bitter campaign for Mitt Romney first-hand, are accustomed to seeing Gov. Sununu come unhinged.  This is the same man who called President Obama "lazy" and  said the President should "learn how to be an American.

His son, John E. Sununu is widely thought to be considering another run for office.  From the looks of it, he just can't wait to get back to Washington to join his fellow obstructionists, adding to the record-setting use of the filibuster by his party. On Monday, John E. Sununu wrote in the Boston Globe about his plan to end obstructionism in Congress.  His solution? More obstructionism.  John E. Sununu is standing in the way of Congressional reforms, which stands in stark-contrast to reform-minded legislators who are working hard to fix Washington and get it working for the people again. 

New Hampshire sent a clear message to Concord and Washington on November 6th: they want common-sense solutions and fair and balanced comprises to help keep America and New Hampshire moving forward.  The Sununus are doing their level best to ignore the will of the voters and to pursue their own narrow agenda that will move us all backward.

How can you help?  Let John E. Sununu know on Twitter that embracing obstructionism and stopping true reform is not the New Hampshire way.