Townhall Daily - December 06 - Ann Coulter, Hugh Hewitt, Jackie Gingrich Cushman, Victor Davis Hanson, Kurt Schlichter and More

Ann Coulter Ann Coulter:
America Nears El Tipping Pointo
Hugh Hewitt Hugh Hewitt:
Defending Defense: How the GOP Can Escape the Budget Box Canyon
Jackie Gingrich Cushman Jackie Gingrich Cushman:
In Leadership, Appearances Matter
Victor Davis Hanson Victor Davis Hanson:
The Kingdom of Fairness
Kurt  Schlichter Kurt Schlichter:
A Lawyer’s Tips on Negotiating for Dummies and Congressional Republicans
Larry Elder Larry Elder:
Rich Lefties and Their Taxes

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Michael Barone Michael Barone:
Higher Tax Rates Won't Support Entitlement State
John Ransom John Ransom:
Justice? Not in Chicago
Jeff Jacoby Jeff Jacoby:
Grant's Greatest Regret
Bob Barr Bob Barr:
U.N. Readies Attack on Internet as Obama Dithers
Michael Reagan Michael Reagan:
Restoring Confidence
Cal  Thomas Cal Thomas:
No Skin in the Game
Tony Katz Tony Katz:
Costas To America: You're Just Not Smart Enough To Understand
Rich Galen Rich Galen:
Better Storm Drains for All
Daniel J. Mitchell Daniel J. Mitchell:
Exposing Washington’s Dishonest Budget Math
Paul Tracy Paul Tracy:
Revealed: A Top 10 Stock for 2013 That's Raised Dividends 40 Times
Emmett Tyrrell Emmett Tyrrell:
The Mysterious Stranger
Steve Chapman Steve Chapman:
Defending the World, Bankrupting Ourselves
Bob Beauprez Bob Beauprez:
The Renewable Fuel Standards Boondoggle
Nathan Slaughter Nathan Slaughter:
A Leading Company Cheaper Than 90% Of Blue Chips... And It Recently Bounced 12%
Charles Payne Charles Payne:
War on Capitalism
Susan Brown Susan Brown:
Secular Humanists Bid All ‘A Merry un-Christmas’
Carrie Schwab Pomerantz Carrie Schwab Pomerantz:
Happily Unmarried: What Are the Financial Issues?
Chris Poindexter Chris Poindexter:
Gold Edges Higher
Night Watch Night Watch:
Protestors Give Egypt's Morsi "Last Warning"
Mike Shedlock Mike Shedlock:
Are Austerity, Shrinking Wages, and Firing of Public Workers Bad Things?
Bob Goldman Bob Goldman:
Good Night, Moon; Good Night, Laptop
Jack Kerwick Jack Kerwick:
GOP and Big Government - Friends Not Foes?
David Rothbard David Rothbard:
Saving the Planet – Or Protecting Power Grabs and Cash Cows?
Marybeth Hicks Marybeth Hicks:
A Parent's Potshot Heard 'Round the World
Stephen DeMaura Stephen DeMaura:
Jobs Put at Risk by Unfair Tax Policy