Statement: Sen. Morse on USNH Funding Legislation

The New Hampshire Senate

Majority Office

Concord, NH – Sen. Chuck Morse, R-Salem, released the following statement today following the introduction of legislation that would appropriate an additional $100 million to the University System of New Hampshire:

“I appreciate and share Sen. Fuller Clark’s commitment to creating a well-educated workforce here in New Hampshire, and I look forward to the hearing on her legislation before the Senate Finance Committee later this session.  At that time, I hope she will be willing to discuss with the Committee where she would suggest we cut spending – or which taxes she would propose to raise – in order to finance the $100 million price tag attached to this bill.

“In 2011, the Republican-led legislature closed an $800 million budget deficit left for us by the poor spending habits of prior lawmakers.  As we look ahead to our next budget, we are committed to continuing that same level of fiscal discipline.  In doing so, we will continue to adequately fund both the University System of New Hampshire as well as the Community College System of New Hampshire while working towards reducing college costs for low and middle income students.”