AFP - The next Wisconsin?

There's a new frontier in our fight to protect the rights of workers and small businesses—Michigan.

And we need your help right away.

Right now, excitement is building for an unparalleled victory on right-to-work in Michigan. A victory over forced unionization in a union stronghold like Michigan would be an unprecedented win on par with Wisconsin that would pave the way for right-to-work in states across our nation.

Robert, at its core, AFP is a state-based organization--and our biggest victories of 2012 have all come on the state levels. That’s why AFP’s national office thought this issue was so important that we had to sendsomething out not just to our activists in Michigan—but all 2 million of our activists nationwide.

Our successes in Wisconsin demonstrated that, even in the face of defeats, we can continue to chalk up victories on the state level in the battle for economic freedom—and change the face of our country bit by bit.

Here in Michigan, the House and Senate each passed bills on the same day last week to give both private and public workers the right to say no to forced paying of union dues.

Unfortunately, these bills won't be finalized until Tuesday--and union bosses know there's still time to kill these bills. That's why they've scheduled a massive protest on Tuesday.

And let me tell you--these guys are stopping at nothing to get their way. Just the other day, while I was speaking to our energized supporters, the Left's protesters were bullying AFP activists, and yelling every obscenity they could think of.

But we didn't back down. Our side is energized, passionate, and ready to win this fight--but only with your help right now.

Unlike the unions, we don't have big money bankrolling this effort. In fact, money raised from this email will be just about all the money we can dedicate to fighting back against the union muscle.

Can you donate just $5, $10, $25 or more to AFP, so we can secure a victory that will be seen and heard across the country?

Every dollar you spend today won’t go to finance anything but supporting the grassroots on the ground in Michigan as they fight the union bosses.

Please click here to donate now.

Robert, let me be blunt: if we pass right to work in Michigan, we can loosen the union stranglehold on states around the country.

But we're still in the best position to win not just the policy fight--but also win the hearts and minds of the American people.

Remember Wisconsin back in 2011? Governor Scott Walker enacted some much-needed reforms that scaled back public union abuse, and balanced the budget in Wisconsin--without needing to make drastic cuts to services.

The Left threw everything they had at him. Democrats in the Wisconsin state senate fled to Illinois to avoid taking a vote--and public union bosses shipped in tens of thousands of "activists" to protest in Madison.

I'm proud to say AFP activists led the fight to support those reforms. We won that fight because we had a winning message. People all over the political spectrum want what we want: state governments that work better, and do right by the American people--not state governments that put greedy public union bosses and their cynical liberal political agenda over the well-being of workers and small business owners.

Robert, it’s easy to be discouraged after a tough year nationally for our movement—but I’ve always believed that real policy change starts not in Congress, but in state houses and city halls all across our great country. That's the change AFP is dedicated to--and that's why, no matter what happens in Washington, we can still say we're the ones winning the fight for the future of this country, right where it counts.

This is the next battle. If Michigan can achieve right-to-work, believe me--union bosses will tremble in every state in the country.

We can win this fight right now. But only if you stand with us right now.

Please click here to give $5, $10, $25 or more to help protect workers' rights in Michigan right now.

Will you help us bolster this fight for workers' rights--and continue to make our case to the American people?

Thank you for your help once again.

In freedom,

Scott Hagerstrom, State Director
Americans for Prosperity-Michigan