[freekeenenews] 1,000+ Free Staters Now in New Hampshire

Modern Day Pioneers: 1,000+ Free Staters Now in New Hampshire

MANCHESTER, NH: The Free State Project (“FSP”) has reached its
milestone of having 1,000 pro-liberty activists living in the Granite
State. The ultimate goal is to attract 20,000 liberty-oriented
individuals to New Hampshire.

“This is an important benchmark” said Free State Project President,
Carla Gericke, who moved from New York City in 2008. “It shows people
are willing to vote with their feet for more freedom. We are modern
day pioneers.”

The Free State Project was founded in 2001 with the goal to recruit
20,000 libertarian-leaning people to move to a single state to
concentrate their efforts. New Hampshire was selected in 2003. FSP
participants sign a statement of intent declaring that they will move
to New Hampshire within five years of getting 20,000 signers. More
than 11,500 people have signed the statement of intent.

The 'First Movers' have made vast strides. At least twelve are now
State representatives, and numerous others serve on school and town
boards. State representatives have worked on pro-liberty legislation
like Right to Marry, expanding the Castle doctrine, and cutting the NH
state budget.

Others have founded or worked with organizations that highlight
liberty-oriented issues, such as the NH Coalition for Common Sense
Marijuana Policy, the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance which grades
state representatives according to their voting records, and Cop
Block, a police accountability organization.

Movers have created a strong independent media presence in New
Hampshire. Free Talk Live, based out of Keene, NH, is a nationally
syndicated radio talk show. The Liberty Radio Network hosts a number
of shows, including ones focusing on LBGT and women’s issues from a
libertarian perspective.

Movers have also started private charities and mutual aid societies,
like Shire Sharing which delivers care baskets to the needy, and Fr33
Aid which provides volunteer first aid at events like Liberty Forum
and the Porcupine Freedom Festival.

When asked about the reasons for the FSP’s accelerating growth,
Gericke said it was a combination of factors, citing the economic
downturn, the popularity of Ron Paul and his message of limited
government, the growing deficit, the federal government’s overreach on
issues like education and health care, and President Obama's new wars.

“With its 'live and let live' culture, its livability, its low taxes,
its relative prosperity,” Gericke said, “New Hampshire is well
situated to become the beacon of liberty for the rest of the country.”