NHDP - Chair Ray Buckley on Governor Lynch's State of the State Address

Concord - New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley released the following statement on Governor John Lynch's final State of the State address. 

"Governor Lynch has once again shown himself to be a strong leader, focused on the best interests of the people of New Hampshire, and working to move our state forward. There is no wonder the people of New Hampshire elected Governor Lynch to an unprecedented fourth term.  He has helped to strengthen our successful strategy despite the best efforts of legislative Republicans who have been actively working to undo our success. 


"For seven years, the Governor's strong leadership has brought people together to make progress for New Hampshire during some of the toughest times in the last century.  I hope the Legislature will heed the Governor's call for common sense solutions at the State House and change their focus from issues such as weakening our public safety laws and discriminating against certain segments of our population.  They should join the Governor in focusing on jobs and the economy."


"Governor Lynch has stood up for our New Hampshire advantage and state he loves. Over the past twelve months, he has served as much needed check against the legislature's Tea Party agenda."