[freekeenenews] Overflow Crowd Packs Council Meeting, Supermajority Against BEARCAT


It was an amazing night. (Video to come.) Not only was it awe-
inspiring to see so many people pouring out from Keene and the rest of
the Monadnock region in favor of peace, but the LENCO reps actually
commented afterwards that Keene was the place where they had
experienced the most passionate response to their BEARCAT.

Some had suspected that LENCO had never experienced anything like
Keene, as evidenced by their desperate attempt this week to cover up
their Bearcat promo video. Their military-fetishizing video was
subsequently re-posted to several youtube channels, ensuring it will
never go away entirely.

Who testified in favor of the BEARCAT? Why city staff and former cops
on city pensions, of course. Among us non-aggressors, the
supermajority of the audience and speakers were in opposition. This is
not speculation. I asked during my speech to have the audience raise
their hands if they opposed the BEARCAT. I hope someone got a picture
or video of the huge response.

The city council chambers were standing-room only. Derrick J will be
releasing video of the police preventing him and others including Nick
Ryder from getting in because the room was at "capacity". How often
does that happen at a city council meeting?

The commission decided to take the night’s testimony as
“informational” and pass it back to the full council. Terry Clark, the
heroic lone councilor who stood for peace tonight, will not be at the
next city council meeting on Thursday, and requested they postpone any
vote on the matter to the following council meeting the first Thursday
of March. Whether they will or not remains to be seen. If they don’t,
the council can just accept it as “informational” and the issue is off
the table again. As you might imagine, it will be necessary for those
who support peace to contact the full council and share their feelings
and thoughts on this matter.

The LENCO salesmen shared with us afterwards that the reason they came
to Keene (besides trying to save the sale of a BEARCAT) was to
experience what was the most passionate and organized opposition
they’ve ever had, in the history of all 300+ BEARCAT sales they have
made to police departments around the country. It's a testament to
the amazing, peace-loving people that inhabit this region.