NH GOP - A Bad Week for N.H. Democrats

Cilley’s Bumpy Announcement Gets Worse, Shea-Porter’s Hypocrisy Highlighted

Good Afternoon,

In what started as a week Democrats probably thought would be positive, the tides have quickly turned.  First, Jackie Cilley’s gubernatorial announcement got off to a bumpy start, as we mentioned yesterday, that turned into a focus on her income tax flip-flopping, and today the Portsmouth Herald reports on Carol Shea-Porter’s PAC and lobbyist money hypocrisy. 

With Friends Like These

In case you weren’t convinced, we’ve found more proof that Cilley’s announcement rollout didn’t go according to plan.  For most campaigns a successful rollout is followed by positive media coverage and increased website traffic from people looking to learn more about the candidate.   As of this morning, Cilley’s page (linked from www.JackieCilley.com) showed a whopping six supporters. #GotMomentum?



Carol’s Careless Hypocrisy

Meanwhile, former Nancy Pelosi puppet Carol Shea-Porter finds herself on the wrong end of campaign promises.  The Portsmouth Herald reports today on the fact that she’s taken lobbyist money, despite pledges against doing so, and that her no-PAC-promise flies in the face of the $1.2 million she’s received from PACs throughout her career.  Carol’s intentionally misleading voters with her no corporate PAC promise – she takes money from some of the most influential PACs in Washington – big labor – and she takes money from Nancy Pelosi and other Democrat leaders who do take corporate PAC money.  Carol, are you for or against PACs?  It’s that simple, no caveats please.

What else?  Shea-Porter’s been a leading critic of super PACs, but a recent announcement by a liberal super PAC “will ultimately make Shea-Porter a beneficiary” of the same groups she so strongly opposes.  Even President Obama considers this hypocrisy: “You can’t say yesterday you don’t believe in [super PACs] and today you are having three-quarters of a million dollars being spent for you.” Will Carol flip-flop on super PACs just like Obama has?

Portsmouth Herald on Shea-Porter’s PAC, Lobbyist Hypocrisy: “While Shea-Porter Wednesday pointedly noted her refusal to accept corporate PAC donations, the New Hampshire Republican State Committee was quick to release a statement on what it called the ‘Shea-Porter hypocrisy.’ The committee pointed to a statement made by Shea-Porter in 2009, in which she claimed to take no money from lobbyists as well as corporate PACs, despite receiving contributions from a registered lobbyist: James Demers, president of the Demers Group and a former Democratic congressional candidate. At that time, Shea-Porter defended her decision to accept money from Demers, a former state legislator, whom she said contributed ‘as an individual.’ Tory Mazzola, executive director of the New Hampshire Republican State Committee, noted Shea-Porter raised nearly $500,000 from PACs in 2010 and that, over her entire career, has raised nearly $1.2 million from PACs. Wednesday's statement by the Shea-Porter campaign has ‘brought hypocrisy to a new low,’ he charged.” (Danielle Ryan, “Shea-Porter Takes Aim at Guinta’s PAC Donations, Portsmouth Herald, 2/9/2012)