NHDP -- Corporate Money Can’t Hide Guinta’s Questionable Past or Vote to End Medicare

Concord, NH - Yesterday, the US Chamber of Commerce released a New Hampshire television ad that attempts to hide Congressman Guinta's questionable barfighting scandal-ridden past and his vote to end Medicare as we know it.  The Chamber will spend more on the ads - over $400,000 - than Guinta raised over the last six months.


"Guinta's questionable bar fighting and scandal-ridden past as one of the most corrupt members of Congress can't be hidden by any amount of out of state television ads. This November, voters will hold him accountable for his numerous votes to destroy the Medicare New Hampshire seniors citizens rely on," said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. 


"The fact is, Guinta voted for the hugely controversial Paul Ryan budget last year that would have ended Medicare as we know it and turned it into a private voucher system," continued Kirstein.




Guinta didn't believe the reckless Ryan plan to end Medicare went far enough. Earlier this year, Guinta voted for the Republican Study Committee budget, "a radical plan that annihilates the social contract in America by putting the GOP budget on steroids. Deeper tax cuts for the wealthy, more severe entitlement rollbacks." [Vote; TPM, 4/15/2011]


Frank Guinta, Republican Candidate In NH, Fled Scene Of Friend's Bar Brawl Reportedly Stepping Over Victim's Body On His Way Out The Door. [The victim's] leg was broken in multiple places and would require a three-hour surgery...What Guinta considers to be a resolved situation sent English to the hospital for three days. They left before an ambulance arrived. The police were not called to the scene." [HuffingtonPost, 10/11/2010]


Frank Guinta was named one of the "most corrupt" members of Congress. The non-partisan Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington named Guinta one of the most corrupt members of Congress, because he "'fudged the numbers and cooked the books to buy a seat in Congress.' That references controversy over the funding of Guinta's 2010 election campaign." [Nashua Telegraph, 9/21/2011]


NH Democrats want Guinta fundraising answers. "Democrats on Monday asked the Federal Election Commission to investigate a news report about Guinta's fundraising published last month. The report in the New Hampshire Union Leader said 1st District Rep. Guinta tried to get the Republican Governors Association to donate $100,000 to the state Republican Party, but was rebuffed over concerns about former GOP chair Jack Kimball's management of party affairs." [Union Leader, 9/27/2011]