NHDP - How Far Do Lamontagne and Smith's Endorsements of the Reckless GOP State House Agenda Go?

Lamontange endorses ending Medicare in New Hampshire

Concord, NH - Republican candidates for Governor Kevin Smith and Ovide Lamontagne were in full support of the reckless agenda at the State House this week, including repeal of equal marriage rights and the wage killing so called right-to-work bill. In addition, in an op-ed for the Union Leader this morning, Lamontagne endorsed ending Medicare in New Hampshire as we know it. Just like Concord Republicans, he wants to take over control of Medicare by turning it into a block grant, making eligibility age increases and drastic cuts care a possibility every year.

"New Hampshire is already being sued by hospitals and disability rights advocates because of decisions made by the Tea Party politicians in Concord," said Harrell Kirstein, press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Are these really the ideologues that should be put at the switch and in control over our senior citizens' Medicare?"

Just like the Republican leadership in the State House, both Kevin Smith and Ovide Lamontang have made fringe social issues their priority. On Wednesday, Ovide Lamontange attended his first major public event of 2012, a sparsely attended rally outside the State House to repeal equal marriage rights for all citizens. Just days after announcing a run for Governor, Kevin Smith filed to be a lobbyist for the out of state anti-equal rights hate group the National Organization for Marriage.

Yesterday, both Smith and Lamontagne testified at the so called right-to-work hearing. But in a stark contrast to the so-called right to work states, New Hampshire's unemployment rate is significantly lower and New Hampshire's median income is nearly 20,000 dollars per year higher.  

"The question voters want to know now is how far do Ovide Lamontange and Kevin Smith's endorsements of O'Brien's reckless State House agenda go?" asked Kirstein. "Do they support....

  • Teaching religion in public schools(HB 1457)?
  • Giving out of state for profit hospitals special exemptions from New Hampshire laws(HB 1642)?
  • Ending the 30 minute lunch break for workers who work more than five hours(HB 1574)?
  • Cutting over 60 million dollars from public schools by opting out of No Child Left Behind(HB 1413 and 1517)?
  • Ending Medicare, Medicare and the Children's Insurance Program in New Hampshire(HB1560)?

These aren't the values of New Hampshire voters. But they are part of the reason why O'Brien is the most unpopular elected official in the state and New Hampshire voters consider the Republican legislature the second biggest problem in the state. [UNH Poll, 02/07/2012; 02/08/2012]

"Instead of talking about jobs, the economy, or common sense solutions to the problems facing New Hampshire, Lamontagne and Smith spent the week paling around with Tea Party conservatives and helping them force their out of touch agenda on New Hampshire." continued Kirstein. "With Valentine's Day on Tuesday, Lamontange and Smith have some serious shopping to do this weekend to demonstrate their love of Speaker O'Brien's out of touch Tea Party agenda"