AFPNH - Contact Your Legislators and Governor Lynch on These Important Issues


There are several issues and action items for your attention this week.

First, tomorrow the House will vote on HB 1560 which would return money and authority for healthcare back to the states where both can be better managed by establishing a Health Care Compact.

Tomorrow’s vote will be significant to the fate of this bill so I encourage you to sign the petition below showing your support of the Health Care Compact legislation

Please CLICK HERE to sign the petition and feel free to forward the link along to your friends and family.

Second, tomorrow the Senate is expected to vote on SB 227 which would change the status of the members of the board of tax and land appeals so that members ARE NOT full-time employees but would receive per diem and mileage reimbursement for attending to board duties.

I testified in support of this legislation at a recent hearing. You can CLICK HERE to listen to my testimony which begins at about the 37:18 mark and concludes at 46:45.

Third, there are two bills in Committees this week to watch as well.

Today, I testified before the House Science, Technology and Energy Committee on behalf of HB 1490 which would remove New Hampshire from the cap-and-trade scheme known as RGGI. AFP-NH is proud to work in support of this bill which will allow rate payers to keep more of their money.

On Thursday, there will be a Senate Finance Committee hearing on SB 150 at 1PM. This bill, if amended, will allow small business owners to purchase the same health insurance policy as larger companies at the same rate.

I encourage all small business owners to contact the Senate Finance Committee and voice your support for the passage of this legislation by calling 271-4980.

You can also obtain contact information for all the Committee members by CLICKING HERE.

Finally, as you may know, HB 648, the bill prohibiting public utilities from using eminent domain to take private property for transmission lines has been sent to Governor Lynch for consideration. I encourage you to contact Governor Lynch and urge him to sign this bill protecting the private property rights of NH landowners!

Please contact Governor Lynch via phone at 271-2121 or use THIS LINK to email him today.


Corey R. Lewandowski
State Director
Americans for Prosperity New Hampshire

P.S. Thank you for your ongoing vigilance on these important issues. If you would like to donate to our efforts, please CLICK HERE.