ALG's Daily Grind: Obama's phony $4 trillion in deficit 'reduction'

Feb. 14, 2012


Obama's phony $4 trillion in deficit 'reduction'

At best, Obama's budget can claim $1.977 trillion in deficit reduction off of the current baseline, but over 95 percent of that is because of tax increases.


America's Lingering, Looming Employment Problem

Since his election Obama's modus operandi has been to blame the previous administration for the recession and to tout his policies as the reason for the nation's turnaround.


Video: The 'Occupy' Movement, Ann Coulter and A Movie Star In Our CPAC Wrap Up

ALG caught the fracas between Occupy D.C. and the CPAC crew, it was all a part of an eventful convention this year.


Only way to rein in out-of-control NLRB

With its phony 'recess' appointments, the NLRB lacks quorum to even act. Now is the time to enact legislation by Rep. Austin Scott that will rein in the agency's rulemaking authority.