NHDP - NH Senior Citizens Call on Lamontagne to Renounce Right Wing Plan to End Medicare

Concord, NH -New Hampshire Medicare beneficiaries are condemning Republican plans to block grant and end Medicare. Ovide Lamontagne, wrote in a recent op-ed that he will as Governor he would "seek block grants of Medicaid and Medicare" which would end those successful programs.  


The State House is set to vote on a similar proposal today. HB1560 sponsored by by Rep. DJ Bettencourt, a Lamontagne endorser, and Senator Chuck Morse would enter New Hampshire into an interstate compact, block granting Medicare, Medicaid, the Children's Insurance Program, and all other federal funded health care programs.


"As a senior who is enrolled in Medicare, I am deeply opposed to both the bill before the legislature today, and Lamontagne's plan to block grant our Medicare program here in New Hampshire.  This would remove any federal rules, including eligibility, coverage levels, and essential services," said Barbara French of Henniker. "Turning Medicare into a block grant system would put at risk what many people like me enjoy about Medicare, that we can continue our relationship with our own doctors. That's not fair"


"For years, I went to work every day Monday through Friday just like countless others in New Hampshire.  And just like them, I paid my share into Medicare.  I do not want the vital Medicare program that I paid into for years either block granted or ended," added John White of Wolfeboro. "That would put my health care at risk, and health care for thousands of people just like me at risk as well.  I sincerely hope that Mr. Lamontagne reconsiders his position, and urges his Republican colleagues in the House today to vote down this bill."


John White and Barbara French are joined in their opposition by hundreds of New Hampshire residents and voters who have signed a petition calling on the legislature not to block grant Medicare. [Petition]


"Today New Hampshire seniors are calling on Lamontange to renounce his support for ending Medicare in New Hampshire, and asking him to join them in opposing HB1560," said Harrell Kirstein press secretary for the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Either block granting proposal would end Medicare as we know it and put thousands of New Hampshire senior citizens at risk."