RNC - WMUR: Demers Nominated To Obama Administration Role

All – just wanted to make sure you caught this story from last night.


Demers Nominated To Obama Administration Role


James Pindell

February 14, 2012



Jim Demers, arguably President Obama’s point person in New Hampshire, has been nominated to a part-time role within the Obama Administration.

On Friday, Demers, of Concord, was nominated to be a member of the Board of Directors of the Overseas Private Investment Corporation. OPIC works to connect private businesses in the United States into emerging markets around the world.

Ahead of Obama’s first trip to New Hampshire in December 2006, Demers played the lead local role to organize his key visit. As the campaign began, Demers took on a leadership role.

His involvement in the campaign even became an issue in the final debate before the 2008 New Hampshire primary when Hillary Clinton signaled out that Demers is a New Hampshire lobbyist.