MANCHESTER – Today, Kevin Smith, Republican candidate for governor of New Hampshire, made the following statement regarding the education funding amendment:

“Leadership is necessary in order for a Constitutional Amendment to pass the House and Senate, and then be approved on the ballot by the voting public. Therefore, it’s imperative that those individuals involved in crafting the language of the amendment recognize the importance of getting the measure to the ballot. No amendment can pass if the voters don’t get the chance to participate, and a failure to agree on language will kill this effort before the public gets that opportunity.

“While the House and Senate versions of the amendment differ slightly, I hope that the parties who are proposing these measures can move towards reconciliation so that the voters of New Hampshire can settle this problem once and for all. New Hampshire’s students and families deserve it.

“State education funding has been an unresolved issue for too many years. It should no longer be a political football handled by the courts and special interests, but instead authorized and administered by the legislature and governor. After nearly two decades of lawsuits and court interference, it’s unfortunate that Governor Lynch chose to wait until his eighth and final year in office before making any concerted effort to address this problem.”