ALG's Daily Grind: Republican? Democrat? What's the difference?

Feb. 17, 2012


Republican? Democrat? What's the difference?

Members of the House need to get back to the basics of why they are in charge and not be afraid to throw their weight around.


Video: Greece In Ruins, Can It Ruin All Of Us?

Here is an illustration of what financial woes in Greece can mean for the rest of us.


Food Police go after preschooler, confiscate homemade lunch for being "unhealthy"

Since when does the government decide what types of food children are allowed to eat for lunch? While You Were Sleeping, Central Banks Flooded The World In Liquidity

"[I]t is sheer idiocy to assume that the printers will stop here... or anywhere for that matter. They simply can't, now that the marginal utility of every dollar is sub 1.00 relative to GDP creation."