NH Democrats and Policy Leaders Condemn GOP Attacks on Medicare

Concord, N.H. - Democrats and policy leaders condemned Republican attacks on Medicare.  Republicans have tried to end Medicare with the reckless Paul Ryan budget, are attempting to turn New Hampshire's Medicare program into a block grant though the creation of an instate compact, and reports show that Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney made hundreds of thousands of dollars off of a company involved in Medicare fraud.


"Over the past twelve to thirteen months, the Republican Party has made perfectly clear their utter disregard for Medicare.  As much as we know anything about where Mitt 'Say anything' Romney really stands on an issue, it is clear that he is against this critical program," said Ray Buckely, Chair of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. "Mitt Romney's economic plan embraces the Cut, Cap and Balance approach in the House, including a Balanced Budget Amendment that would require devastating cuts to Social Security and Medicare. Romney also supports the Paul Ryan budget plan championed by House Republicans that would end Medicare as we know it and double out-of-pocket costs for seniors - many of whom rely on this program to make ends meet."


Medicare is a critical and life saving program for countless thousands of New Hampshire residents, and it promises to be key issue in the 2012 elections.  Since the 2010 elections, Republicans in New Hampshire and nationally have made ending and slashing Medicare a key part of their platform, putting countless thousands of senior citizens at risk.


"Turning Medicare into a voucher program where seniors have to purchase private health insurance would also put at risk what people like most about Medicare:  that they can continue their relationship with their own doctors.  If they have to choose doctors from within a carrier's network, they may possibly have to leave the doctor they have trusted for years.  That's not fair," said Representative Cindy Rosenwald of Nashua of the Republican initiative to turn New Hampshire's Medicare program into a block grant with HB1560. 


"We believe that to move our economy forward, it is vital that we remain steadfast in our commitment to assist the most vulnerable, including our senior citizens - that paved the way before us.  That is why we have supported the fight against Medicare fraud.  We increased awareness of the issue among SEA members and retirees and are doing our part to expose Medicare fraud as early as possible," said Diana Lacey, president of SEIU Local 1984.