- Three Crucial Events

Dear Patriot,

They say the Tea Party is dead and that our influence over government ended after 2010. The Tea Party movement has become more efficient and more effective, but the media keeps driving the same tired narrative trying to slow our momentum!  We refuse to let that happen! 

Thankfully, we have the most talented event organizer in the nation on staff, Tiffiny Ruegner of the Right Mixx! Working with the incredible talent that we have assembled we are planning at least three major events in 2012:

  1. Rally at the Supreme Court before the court rules on the constitutionality of Obamacare. This may turn into a series of critical rallies, but the first will be held as arguments are made in March. CLICK HERE to make sure that we have the resources necessary to make sure this event cannot be ignored by the media!  If you are interested in attending this event in late March please email Tiffiny

  2. Tax Day in Washington DC. The Tea Party movement kicked into gear on Tax day 2009 and we are planning another event in Washington DC on April 15th. If you are interested in attending this event or we can help make sure that you can be there, please email Tiffiny. If you would like to help sponsor this event by making a contribution please CLICK HERE

  3. Unity Rally In Tampa during the Republican National Convention.  No matter who the nominee ends up being, they will be light years ahead of the worst President in American History! The eyes of the world will be on Tampa during the Republican convention and the Tea Party needs to remind the establishment in both parties that we are still here. Again, email Tiffiny if you are interested in attending, and please make a generous contribution to help sponsor this critical event!

Thank You,

Dustin Stockton
Chief Strategist


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