NHDP - Chair Ray Buckley's Statement on Democrats' Victory in Tonight's Special Election

Concord, NH - New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement on Democratic candidate Peter Sullivan's victory in the Hillsborough District 10 special election.  


"Peter Sullivan's victory tonight is yet another example of New Hampshire voters' complete and total rejection of the reckless Republican agenda that Bill O'Brien has been forcing upon Granite Staters. New Hampshire voters turned out in historic numbers to oppose this out of control and out of touch Republican majority and its relentless attacks on women, seniors, students and workers. This election has taught us that guns in schools, the elimination of public kindergarten, and attempts to undermine the separation of powers of New Hampshire government are not Granite State values," said Buckley   


"Tonight, as in three previous special elections, New Hampshire voters have sent a clear message that right to work for less, slashing of funding of public education, putting corporations before people, and the rest of the radical Free State agenda is fundamentally at odds with the values of the people of this state."