ALG's Daily Grind: Weak petrodollar threatens economy

Feb. 23, 2012


Weak petrodollar threatens economy

It will not take much for this house of cards to fall given its dependence on 80-year old monarchs in Saudi Arabia and elsewhere to continue transacting oil in dollars.


Video: A Look At What Obama's "Economic Recovery" Has Done For Shopping Malls

In the 1980s, the shopping mall was the hip hangout. Millions flowed through these buildings during those years. Now they are turning into ghost towns.


Justice Ginsburg substitutes Constitution for foreign buffet

Supreme Court Justice sworn to uphold Constitution recommends alternative foreign models for Egypt to consider, uses foreign law to reach court decisions.


The real D.C. lobbyists

An estimated 15 percent of the civilian federal workforce, or 300,000, live in Washington, D.C.