CEI Today: Taxmageddon, Global Warming Smear, and the SEIU

Thursday, February 23, 2012
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Openmarket.org:Taxmageddon Comes Just After the Election


On December 31, shortly after the November election, tax rates will rise across the board in what congressional aides call “Taxmageddon,” notes The Washington Post. Not only will the Bush tax cuts come to an end, but new taxes will kick in to pay for Obamacare’s rising costs.  And this doesn’t even take account into new tax increases Obama has proposed, including but not limited to the “Buffett Tax.” Liberals want to raise taxes to European levels to pay for an expanded welfare state. But many American wealthy people already pay more in taxes than they would in much of Europe, so this idea won’t pay for all the new government entitlements liberals yearn for. > Read the full commentary on Openmarket.org



From Climategate to Fakegate

Anthony Watts’s indispensable Web site, Watts Up with That?, has a trove of hard-hitting commentaries on climate scientist Peter Gleick’s theft and publication of the Heartland Institute’s fund-raising documents and apparent forgery of a “confidential” climate strategy memo. Gleick earlier this week confessed to stealing the documents, but not to fabricating the strategy memo, although textual and other evidence point to him as the culprit. >Read the full commentary on Globalwarming.org

> Interview Marlo Lewis



Openmarket.org:Workers Deserve the Right to Remain Silent


The California Legislature is considering a “Public Employee Bill of Rights” that (among other things) would restrict the state’s ability to hire outside contractors and swell SEIU’s membership in the Golden State.

California’s public employee union, SEIU Local 1000, is actually co-sponsoring the bill according to Assembly member Roger Dickinson’s website.

The irony is that SEIU Local 1000 currently stands accused of violating the First Amendment rights of the public employees it is supposed to represent.

 > Read the full commentary on Openmarket.org

> Interview Jack Mann

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Ten Thousand Commandments

By Wayne Crews

Welcome to The Other National Debt -- The Cost of Regulation

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