NH Gun Rights Alert - Senator Peter Bragdon's Assault on Gun Owners

Dear <gun rights advocate>,

Are all politicians liars?

Earlier this month, Republican Senator Peter Bragdon broke two promises to his constituents and to gun owners.

He voted to kill HB-194, which would have repealed the ban on loaded weapons in vehicles, and HB-334, which would have strengthened firearm preemption laws.

That’s right. After answering the New Hampshire Firearms Coalition survey saying he would support these bills, he voted against them!

Now rumors are flying that he wants to break a third promise BY KILLING Constitutional Carry.

Last month, the House passed Constitutional Carry -- HB-536 -- but now the bill is stuck in committee.  Anti-gunners in the Senate, led by Senator Peter Bragdon, want it watered down or killed.

Despite A STRONG, PRO-GUN MAJORITY of the State Senate publicly committing to support the bill, Senator Peter Bragdon is now leading the charge to weaken your Second Amendment rights.

Call Senator Bragdon at 603-271-2111. Demand that he get out of the way of a clean Constitutional Carry bill.

Tell him to quit breaking his promises and support his pledge by supporting HB-536 with NO amendments.

Then when you are done, call the Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Matthew Houde at 603-271-2118 and tell him to schedule a vote and pass the bill now!

   For Freedom,
   Dudley Brown
   Executive Vice President