NHDP - Are you as angry as I am??

Dear Democrat:


Are you angry about what happened in the NH House yesterday?  If you aren't -- I'm sure it's because you haven't heard about the outrageous behavior of Bill O'Brien and the House Republicans. 

Yesterday, House Republicans presented an amendment to exempt employers from a state mandate to provide birth control services as part of their health plan for employees if they object on religious grounds, the requirement to provide coverage has been in the law since 1999, when it passed with bipartisan support.

As if that wasn't enough -- Bill O'Brien and his cronies voted to pass a bill to allow health care providers to refuse to provide services on religious, ethical, moral or philosophical grounds.  This law would limit the provision of contraceptives and artificial insemination. 

And just when I thought the day couldn't get any worse O'Brien and company reintroduced an amendment to make NH a right to work state.  What?  You're thinking how could this be happening again?  O'Brien and his cronies already lost this fight.  But that won't stop Bill O'Brien! He won't be satisfied until he ruins the NH that we know and love.  

What can we do?? 

You can start buy purchasing a ticket to the McIntyre Shaheen 100 Club Dinner!

Your ticket purchase will not only entitle you to a wonderful evening spent with NH Democrats who know and care about our way of life in NH -- but it will help us to regain control of the Legislature and restore NH to a place that we can be proud to call home. 

Please join with me in purchasing your ticket today -- it's a first step in taking NH back!


Donna Soucy