MANCHESTER – Today, Kevin Smith, Republican candidate for governor of New Hampshire, announced an initial list of individuals publicly supporting his campaign.


“My campaign is one of specific ideas to improve New Hampshire and its economic condition for the long-term. It will also be an aggressive, on-the-ground effort to build a strong grassroots organization throughout the state,” said Smith. “My message has been met with great support because voters are seeing that I am someone who will work hard, offer specific solutions, and provide leadership to create long-term, high-paying jobs in this state. I’m grateful to have the support of such a broad group of individuals, and this is just the beginning.”


Smith noted that the individuals comprising this first list of grassroots supporters represent virtually every region of the state, and among them include small business owners, law enforcement, veterans, and legislators.


Retired Police Chief, and former President of the Association of Chiefs of Police, Chip Sawyer of New Hampton said, “I’ve had the opportunity to work with Kevin on several projects over the years. Kevin’s display of leadership and values wasoutstanding and his passion and devotion to the people of New Hampshire wereunwavering.”

Brian Semprini, a restaurant owner on the seacoast commented, "As a small business owner, I know the importance of making sure that New Hampshire has an economically competitive environment to incentivize more businesses to both grow and be created here.  I'm supporting Kevin because he has the right vision for job creation in our state and the kind of business-friendly attitude that's needed in Concord."


Marty Bove, former Town Councilor in Londonderry, said, "Kevin is a born leader who has always shown dedication and commitment to whatever he does. Kevin has been at the forefront of many issues that face the state. He is ready to be the bold and dynamic governor that New Hampshire needs."




Jason Allen                                         Londonderry             Rockingham

Nicole Allen                                        Londonderry             Rockingham

Tim Boland                                        Hudson                       Hillsborough

Paul Boore                                         Milford                       Hillsborough

Marty Bove                                        Londonderry             Rockingham

Kathy Bove                                        Londonderry             Rockingham

Richard Brothers                               Tilton                          Belknap

Marc Brown                                       Kingston                     Rockingham

Patty Brown                                       Kingston                     Rockingham

Bob Carbone                                      Richmond                   Cheshire

Claudia Charbonneau Dodds          Windham                   Rockingham

Paul Chevalier                                   Hudson                       Hillsborough

Bill Coyne                                           Londonderry             Rockingham

Nancy Coyne                                     Londonderry             Rockingham

Rep. Duffy Daugherty                       Colebrook                   Coos

Tom Dixon                                         Londonderry             Rockingham

Brian Dobson                                     Fremont                     Rockingham

Donna Dufour                                   Windham                   Rockingham

Pat Fawcett                                        Londonderry             Rockingham

Wendi Fenderson                             New Durham             Strafford

Luke Freudenberg                            Wolfeboro                  Carroll

Rick Gamache                                     Litchfield                    Hillsborough

Colleen Gamache                               Litchfield                    Hillsborough

Kim Gordon                                       Ashuelot                     Cheshire

Jay Gratton                                         Manchester                Hillsborough

Rep. Robert Greemore                      Meredith                    Carroll

Jayne Greemore                                Meredith                    Carroll

Jerry Gulezian                                    Londonderry             Rockingham

Dotty Gulezian                                   Londonderry             Rockingham

Geordy Hutchinson                           Wolfeboro                  Carroll

John Labombard                               Dalton                         Coos

Mark LaRoche                                    Hampton Falls           Rockingham

Rep. Dave Lundgren                         Londonderry             Rockingham

Shelley Malone                                  Manchester                Hillsborough

Paul Mansur                                      Manchester                Hillsborough

Mike Marino                                      Holderness                 Grafton

Zorida Mercier                                   Dover                          Strafford

Ken Miller                                          Amherst                     Hillsborough

Bill Modis                                           Amherst                     Hillsborough

Eric Monico                                        Litchfield                    Hillsborough

John Mortimer                                   New London              Merrimack

Lee Ann Mulder                                Holderness                 Grafton

Tom Mullen                                       Campton                    Grafton

Bill O’Grady                                        Goffstown                   Hillsborough

Alyssa Pockell                                    Londonderry             Rockingham

Priscilla Protasowicki                        Jackson                       Carroll

Angela Reese                                     Londonderry             Rockingham

Jason Reese                                        Londonderry             Rockingham

Ed Reilly                                              Dover                          Strafford

Sheila Reilly                                        Dover                         Strafford

Kent Rich                                           Concord                      Merrimack

Paul F. Roy Jr.                                     Nashua                       Hillsborough

Ret. Chief Nathaniel “Chip” Sawyer New Hampton           Belknap

Faye Sell                                             Londonderry             Rockingham

Bert Sell                                              Londonderry             Rockingham

Brian Semprini                                  Portsmouth                Rockingham

Linda Siwik                                        Amherst                     Hillsborough

Bruce Smith                                       Londonderry             Rockingham

Denise Smith                                     Londonderry             Rockingham

Rep. Todd Smith                                Hooksett                     Merrimack

Valerie Lynn Somers                         Nashua                       Hillsborough

Marti Steiner Jones                           Manchester                Hillsborough

Lauren Sullivan                                 Derry                          Rockingham

Tim Sullivan                                       Derry                          Rockingham

Michelle Tiani                                    Keene                         Cheshire

Gary Torressen                                  Wolfeboro                  Carroll

Melissa Torressen                             Wolfeboro                  Carroll

Tim Wege                                           Londonderry             Rockingham

Pastor J. Matthew Worrall                Winchester                Cheshire

Kathy S. Worrall                                Winchester                Cheshire


Background on Selected Individuals, Political Activists

Paul Chevalier of Hudson is a long-time Republican activist and a noted veteran in the state.  Chevalier is the past State Commander for the NH Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW).  You might also be familiar with Chevalier because he was key endorsement and Veterans Coalition Chair for John McCain's campaigns, as well as the campaigns of George W. Bush (2004), John E. Sununu, Rich Ashooh, and John Huntsman.

Luke Freudenberg of Wolfeboro is the former Carroll County Republican Committee Chairman and a key GOP activist in the state.

John Labombard of Dalton is a well-known, North Country activist. He is also someone who originally backed Ovide Lamontagne, but now backs Smith. You may recall that Labombard gained notoriety in 2000 by driving then Governor George W. Bush around on his bus throughout the state (Labombard's own personal bus had "New Hampshire is Bush Country" printed on the side of it if you recall). Labombard and Bush actually became good friends.

Bill Modis of Amherst is the Vice-Chair of the Amherst GOP.
Tom Mullen is the owner of the Owl's Nest Resort in Campton.
Marti Steiner Jones of Mancheser is a well-known, long-time Manchester activist. She has supported and served several Members of Congress and the U.S. Senate during her career.

Chip Sawyer of New Hampton is a retired Police Chief and former President of the Association of Chiefs of Police in NH.

Brian Semprini of Portsmouth is a small business owner and son of former NHGOP Chair Wayne Semprini.

Marty Bove, is a former town councilor of Londonderry and long-time Republican activist.