NHDP - Chair Ray Buckley's Statement on Democrats' Victory in Special Election

Concord, NH - New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley issued the following statement on House Bill 1595 and Republicans' Continued Assault On Voting Rights. 

"On Tuesday this week, Bill O'Brien's reckless Republican majority again continued their attempts to limit the number of people who can vote in New Hampshire. Why? Because too many people are voting and its causing long lines at polling locations. During testimony on HB1595, a bill that would prohibit the forty percent of New Hampshire voters who are Independents from maintaining that status after voting in a primary, Londonderry Republican Rep. Al Baldasaro said the move would reduce waiting times at the polls."

"Under the new law, passed by the committee Tuesday, Independent voters who want to vote in a primary would be required to wait 90 days before reverting to their Independent status. Currently, a voter can switch back immediately after voting. Of course, Election Law Chair David Bates made certain to point out that this was only 'halfway to what was originally proposed.' If Bill O'Brien's radical tea party followers had got what they really wanted, independents would have been barred from even voting in a primary unless they had changed their affiliation much prior to election day," said Buckley.

"Should Republican's feel the need to exclude Independent voters from their primary, they are free to do so, all it takes is a letter to the Secretary of State.  Instead, the radical Republican House wants to use the force of law to impose this view on all other political parties. Once again, the Republican party is showing its disdain for any voter who doesn't fit the Republican view of who a voter should be."

"First they attempted to purge the elderly from voting rolls by requiring a photo ID to vote, then they went after the young when they tried to drastically reduce the number of college students who could vote in this state. Now, they seem willing to exclude nearly half of New Hampshire's voters from participating in an important step in the electoral process," said Buckley.

"Why is the New Hampshire Republican Party so scared of the average New Hampshire voter?"