Shea-Porter Statement on Rep. Guinta's vote against American iron and steel

New Hampshire-   Today, former Congresswoman Carol Shea-Porter, who is running for the NH-01 Congressional seat, released the following statement concerning Representative Frank Guinta's vote on H.Amdt. 935 (an amendment numbered 4 printed in Part A of House Report 112-398 to require that a permit for the Keystone XL pipeline is not to be issued or deemed issued unless the permit applicant can certify and provide adequate documentation to FERC that at least 75% of the iron and steel to be used in domestic portion of the pipeline is produced in North America):

"I am outraged that Congressman Frank Guinta voted against "made in North America" steel and manufacturing. He and the Republican majority voted against an Amendment that would have required 75% of the steel and iron used for the proposed Keystone XL pipeline across America be North American iron and steel.  Mr. Guinta needs to explain why he voted against the North American iron and steel industry, knowing full well that China has been accused of dumping steel in America.
I spoke to Chinese officials about this when I was in office, and I stood up for American steel. Why didn't Mr. Guinta? "