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Dear Friend,

By now, you’ve heard the negative attacks from gay marriage activists against supporters of traditional marriage in New Hampshire.

These activists and their wealthy lobbyists are attacking HB 437, the compromise legislation that restores traditional marriage in New Hampshire, while allowing for civil unions for same sex couples.

Granite Staters like us are proud of our long legacy of tolerance, and of civic engagement.  But, today the national gay marriage lobby is preparing a full assault on this legacy. 

Right now, wealthy, out-of-state social activists are preparing a major lobbying campaign against HB 437.  But the gay marriage lobby is not just fighting the will of voters in New Hampshire.

These national activists are also fighting the will of voters in California.  They’re challenging Proposition 8, the voter initiative that overturned the flawed California Supreme Court decision recognizing a right to same-sex marriage. 

This case may reach the Supreme Court, where, as several news accounts show, gay marriage activists are desperately concerned they may lose.

On Monday, the New York Times wrote:

"Many gay rights advocates…had long been wary of the Proposition 8 suit, preferring a state-by-state litigation and lobbying strategy over betting the farm on a case that was likely to end up in the United States Supreme Court. Some said they hoped the justices would now decline to hear an idiosyncratic case affecting a single state."

So, what does this mean for traditional marriage supporters like us in New Hampshire?

Its means these national gay marriage activists won’t stop until gay marriage is forced upon voters in every state in the nation.

Its time to stand up for traditional marriage in New Hampshire!

Supporters like you are making a real difference. Each day, more republicans, independents, and conservative democrats are uniting behind HB 437, legislation that restores traditional marriage, while also allowing for civil unions.

Please take a moment to forward this email to your friends and families. Tell them to click here to email and call their local elected officials.

With your help, we WILL restore traditional marriage in New Hampshire!


Jason Rose

PS: We Can’t Stop Now!  Email and call your local elected official today!  Tell them that New Hampshire voters are standing up for traditional marriage against liberal social activists.

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