StandingUpForNHFamiles - Momentum Builds for NH’s Popular Freedom to Marry Law

 Seven Major NH Newspapers Say Leave Marriage Alone

Concord, NH- Momentum continues to grow in the statewide, bipartisan campaign to fend off repeal of the state's popular freedom to marry law. A total of seven major New Hampshire newspapers have weighed in opposing legislative action to roll back the law. Support for the law comes as the divisive repeal bill stalls in the Legislature after numerous delays.
As the Foster's Daily Democrat opined on Feb. 12th, "The bottom line is that, for gay marriage opponents, the ship has sailed.  Public opinion, especially among the young generation -- tomorrow's decision makers -- has turned in favor of gay marriage."

These seven editorial boards weighed the evidence and all concurred that there is no coherent or plausible argument to overturn the 2009 law which has enabled 4,000 New Hampshire residents to wed.  One major daily newspaper that initially opposed the law now cites the unfairness of turning back the clock on these New Hampshire families.  A brief sampling of recent editorials follows:
Foster’s Daily Democrat-The repeal of Gay Marriage: A Case Not Made-2/12/12

“Those opposed to gay marriage have failed to make the case that harm is being done to society.  If anything, it can be argued that allowing gays to marry will bolster the social fabric. Studies have pointed to the healthier lifestyles of those who marry.”
Foster’s Daily Democrat-Marriage Debate is Over; Time to Move On- 2/1/12
“The public trend is clear. A more inclusive societal definition of gay marriage is here to stay, regardless of any action taken by the Legislature.”
The Portsmouth Herald-Same-Sex Marriage a Civil Right-2/7/12
“Repealing same-sex marriage would make thousands of our friends, neighbors and members of our families second class citizens in the eyes of the law, and this is too dangerous to allow. “
The Nashua Telegraph-Gay-marriage law assault perplexing-12/28/11

 “No jobs have been lost. No revenues have been compromised. No little children have been traumatized. If anything, the law has bolstered the state’s respected libertarian reputation.”

The Concord Monitor-Don’t Tamper with Same-Sex Marriage Law-1/3/12

“Since gay marriage became legal in New Hampshire, nearly 2,000 couples have taken advantage of it. This is something to celebrate, not reject. Lawmakers wrestling with this issue for the first time in 2012 should think hard before taking away rights, before legalizing discrimination against the people they have sworn an oath to represent.”
The Concord Monitor-From O’Brien, Ugly Rhetoric On Marriage-2/14/12

“Our leaders should inspire us to rise above our prejudices, not reinforce them. At the very least, they should treat their constituents with dignity.”
Lawrence Eagle Tribune-End the Crusade Against Same–Sex Marriage-1/18/12

“There is no public outcry in New Hampshire for a repeal of same-sex marriage.”

“They (Republicans) fail to understand that a big part of Yankee conservatism is a desire to be left alone, not be hectored continually by those who wrongly believe they know how the rest of us should live.”
The Valley News-N.H.'s Gay Marriage Repeal Effort-Against the Tide-2/11/12

“When the Legislature proposes to legalize discrimination against gay couples in employment and housing. That seems to us much like a New Hampshire disadvantage.”