- Corrupt Cronyism Benefits Friends of the Obama Adminstration

Dear Patriot,

TheTeaParty.netThe crony capitalism practiced by this administration is despicable. The bankrupt solar company Solyndra already used its connections to the White House to secure over $525 million in taxpayer-guaranteed loans, and now it's preparing to give hundreds of thousands of dollars in bonuses to its remaining employees!

A federal judge approved the bonuses yesterday, clearing the way for the company to put the finishing touches on this perfect example of crony capitalism!

We the People must not stand for this! Congress needs to investigate the bankrupt Solyndra. Please take a moment to use our state-of-the-art petition system to contact your representatives in Washington and demand they investigate Solyndra.

We cannot stand for the federal government allowing companies like Solyndra to enrich its employees at the taxpayers' expense. Sign the petition today!

Thank You,

Todd Cefaratti

Freedom Organizer


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