Smart Girl Politics - Andrew Breitbart Interview

Andrew Breitbart – Thursday, March 1, on WSMN 1590

Concord, NH

  Andrew Breitbart, author, columnist, commentator, activist, will talk with Karen Testerman and Susan Olsen of Smart Girl Politics New Hampshire, Thursday morning, on Nashua Talk Radio WSMN 1590.

Breitbart publishes the news portals and In January 2009, he launched Big Hollywood, a group blog off of on Hollywood and politics from the center/right perspective. He gained greater notoriety when his second blog endeavor, Big Government, broke the ACORN child sex trafficking scandal. In 2011, Big Government broke the "Weinergate" scandal that lead to the resignation of New York Representative Anthony Weiner. Breitbart launched Big Journalism in January of 2010 and his newest blog, Big Peace, launched July 4th of the same year. Additionally, Andrew was the primary developer of The Huffington Post and co-wrote the best-selling attack on celebrity culture, Hollywood, Interrupted. His new book, Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World!, also a New York Times bestseller, is available now

Smart Girl Politics New Hampshire (SGP-NH), part of Smart Girl Politics’ national organization of conservative women, is on MSMN 1590, each Thursday, from 10-11 a.m., talking about topics of the day and, this election year, is focused on supporting conservative incumbents and challengers in and for State and local offices.  SGP-NH meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month at The Draft, 67 South Main Street, Concord, from 6-8 p.m.

Smart Girl Politics is non-profit organization for conservative women activists (and the conservative men who support us).