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Thursday, February 2, 2012
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The Wall Street Journal: McDonald's and Pepsi's Different Response to Pressure



"CEOs everywhere have been led by both their outside critics and in-house management gurus to heed the calls for 'organic' and 'sustainable' products made by appropriately "diverse" work forces in a politically correct fashion. They have fallen for this line even though their products have made the world a better place. And when they heed their critics, they end up attracting even more criticism because the world still doesn't meet some outsider's utopian standards.


"The error of these CEOs lies in thinking that just because the customer is always right, so is the critic. That is a lethal mistake that McDonald's has thankfully avoided. Rather than cave in, it continues to satisfy consumers while just as importantly defending consumers' right to choose."



OpenMarket.org: Nine Years of Space Policy Disaster


"We are totally dependent on the Russians for both transportation to and from the ISS, and for emergency lifeboat services, for which (unsurprisingly) they have been increasing the cost since the Shuttle was belatedly retired last summer, and shipping taxpayer funds overseas to them. Worse, each time we give them a new contract, we have to waive the Iran North-Korea Syria Non-Proliferation Act which prohibits trade with countries who aid those nations in the development of missiles and nukes, because Russia continues to help Iran with both.


"Worse yet, while they have been flying for decades, their space systems have proven unreliable just at the point at which we have attained such total dependence. Last summer and fall, they had multiple launch failures, and then a failed Mars probe in November, which recently entered the atmosphere with a load of toxic propellants, but fortunately seems to have fallen into the ocean. And now, they’ve delayed their next ISS flight because they have leaks in the pressurized Soyuz crew module."




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CEI will have a table in the exhibit hall of the hotel, the Marriot Wardman Park Hotel in Washington, DC.  Please stop by booth 1509 and say hello if you are attending CPAC.

Also, see CEI's Vincent Vernuccio talk labor policy on a panel entitled, Return of Big Labor: What Can We Learn from Wisconsin & Ohio?

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Ten Thousand Commandments

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