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Momentum for Marriage

Dear Friend,

Thanks to supporters like you, our fight to restore traditional marriage in New Hampshire is gaining steam!

With a vote on HB 437 soon scheduled to take place in the House, your calls and your emails are sending a strong message to politicians in Concord: It's time to fight the status quo, and to restore traditional marriage in New Hampshire!

By now, you’ve probably heard our new radio ad in support of this important legislation to restore traditional marriage.

Click here to listen! 

We’re proud to stand up against liberal, out-of-state activists, and their wealthy lobbyists from New York, and Washington, DC, trying to force gay marriage onto every state in America.

That is why we’re standing should to shoulder with House Speaker William O’Brien, who recently set the record straight on New Hampshire’s flawed gay marriage law, saying:

“I personally don’t recognize that the expansion of the definition of marriage to cover same gender relationships is a civil rights issue at all. I do find it interesting that he (Governor Lynch) would use euphemisms rather that just come out and tell the people what he was talking about.” (NHNPR, Lynch Challenges GOP In Final State Of State, Josh Rogers)

New Hampshire needs leaders like Speaker O’Brien who stand with the people to support traditional marriage, not with liberal, out-of-state social activists seeking to make gay marriage the law of the land in all fifty states.

If you agree with us, we need your help today!

With only weeks before the vote, please keep contacting your local legislators to urge their support for HB 437, which restores traditional marriage in New Hampshire.

Tell your friends and neighbors to click this link for New Hampshire for Marriage’s new webpage.

Tell them to simply enter their name and address to automatically send an email to their local legislators urging them to vote YES on HB 437 to restore traditional marriage in New Hampshire.

While they’re there, they can also find the phone number to call their local legislators to make sure they, too, get the message – Vote YES on HB 437!


Jason Rose

PS: Thank you for contacting your local legislator to urge their support for traditional marriage in New Hampshire.

If you haven’t, just click the link below to send your email or call today!