US Rep Bass Office Returns Money Back to Taxpayers

WASHINGTON – Congressman Charles F. Bass (NH-02) announced he is planning to give back more than $145,000 in unspent operating expenses from last year, representing 10 percent of his office budget, to U.S. taxpayers.

Members of Congress are allotted a set amount of funds, called a Members’ Representational Allowance (MRA), for all office expenses such as staff salaries, supplies, equipment, travel, district office rent, and postage.  Early last year, with Bass’ support, the House voted to reduce Members’ office budgets by five percent from the previous year and then voted again in December to further reduce them by 6.4 percent for 2012.  These reductions represent a budget that is nearly $170,000 less than the budget of Bass’ predecessor in Congress.

Bass said:

“Just as many families throughout New Hampshire have had to do, Congress must learn to do more with less.  I remain committed to providing the services New Hampshire’s Second District citizens deserve and expect, but will continue to do so while being a careful steward of the taxpayers’ money.  I am proud to have opened four offices to provide outreach in all parts of the vast Second District and continue to utilize new and cost-effective technology to communicate with my constituents.  While the total amount may seem insignificant when compared to our nation’s overall deficit, if every federal agency and office looked at ways to be frugal and give money back, considerable savings can be achieved.  Stopping the runaway federal spending train starts right here with Congress’ own budget.”